Co-host a podcast!

img_0719“What is co-hosting?”

Co-hosting means that you will come on the show and have a chat with one or more of the hosts about a particular topic.

“How do I co-host?”

You can co-host individually or in groups of 2 or more. Recording times are flexible – our producers will work with you to arrange a time that works for everyone involved. Recording can take place at the SLIS department in the University of Iowa Main Library, but we are also able to come to you to record. If you are too far away, we can also utilize Skype or FaceTime to record a session. Fill out the form below if you are interesting in co-hosting!

But, “what do I talk about?”

We welcome you to come talk about ANYTHING (as long as it is related to the LIS field or related fields). Topics will have to be approved by the show producers. Here are some ideas:

  • Reflect on your internship experience;
  • Bring your opinions on a hot LIS issue or a particular article you read;
  • Review a book;
  • Talk about your paper topic for class, your SLIS poster project, a project you are working on for class or your job, or something interesting you learned or talked about in class;
  • Talk about why you came to library school, the trials and joys of library school, and where you want to go after library school;
  • Tell us about your poster project,
  • Reflect on something interesting about the field your recently learned;
  • Discuss your experience at a conference;
  • Talk about a previous library job you held or a librarian or informational professional you admire;
  • Invite a boss or coworker to come talk about what they do;
  • Educate us about a specialized area of LIS interest to you, such as special collections and archives, book arts, medical librarianship, digital scholarship & publishing studio, teacher librarianship, or a particular job within a library;
  • Teach us about your favorite library, what they do, and why it’s your favorite;
  • Anything else you can think of!

Have an idea, but not sure if you want to co-host it? Use the form below to tell us about it!

Not sure if you want to co-host?

That’s ok! It can be intimidating…but it’s not as scary as you think. You are welcome to come sit in on a recording session anytime to see what co-hosting is like.

We want to hear from you!

Use the following for to let us know if you want to co-host, if you have a topic suggestion, or if you want to sit in on a recording session.