2017 call for new B Sides leadership


We are currently searching for current or future University of Iowa SLIS students to fill the following positions for the B Sides Project and the B Sides Journal. The more the merrier – more than one student may serve in each position, which will help reduce the load of a single person. Positions may also be combined and divided as desired by the new recruits. The new recruits will be trained by those currently holding the positions, and will take over beginning September of 2017. 

Blog & Journal Editor(s)

The Blog & Journal Editor(s) will solicit, edit, and publish formal and informal written compositions from LIS and BLIS alumni, students, professors, and LIS professional. They will learn to utilize BePress software to publish submissions to the B Sides Journal, which is hosted by the Iowa Institutional Repository. The Editor will also learn to utilize WordPress to publish blog submissions to the B Sides Project’s website. This is an especially good resume-boosting position for someone interested in writing or academic librarianship, which often requires knowledge or skills related to scholarly publishing.

Podcast Producer(s)

The Podcast Producer(s) will be involved in the entire process of podcast production and release. The person or persons in this positions will prepare, schedule, record, and edit podcast sessions. publish, and advertise audio podcasts on social media, about a wide range of library science subjects. The Podcast Producer should have an interest in learning and using audio production equipment and web publishing software, and they should be interested in talking to alumni, students, professors, and other LIS professionals about current events relevant to library and information science. As Podcast Producer, you’ll get to talk to a variety of people about what they love to do in the LIS field. To a future employer, you’ll show that you’re interested in learning from others, staying current with the field, and collaborating with your local community.