2017 Iowa Library Association Conference, part 2


What do you get when you combine students and professional librarians in one space for a couple days? The Iowa Library Association annual conference!

For this episode of B Sides, we meet with a couple University of Iowa School of Library and Information Science students who attended the 2016 Iowa Library Association Conference, which was held in Dubuque, Iowa in October. The ILA Annual Conference is “a unique opportunity to engage with our colleagues from around the state, participate in and glean new ideas from conference sessions, and build and broaden our professional expertise.” (ILA 2016 Conference Program)

Despite not being able to stay for the entire conference, second-year students Emily Friend and Beth Paul were able to attend a variety of sessions: from talks about board game collections and copyright to discussions focused on outreach for children.

“I went to five different programs – I went to a weeding one, one about summer reading for children, programming ideas for Tweens, an outreach one, and one about forming a book club for boys.” -Emily Friend, 2016

There, Emily and Beth learned that sometimes, conferences don’t always provide you with defined answers. As the library expands its resources and services, there aren’t always standards or best practices for integrating it into the workflow.

“She said at the end [of the session]: ‘there’s no right answer; do whatever works for your library. Go ahead and get these items in your collection, because it’s something that patrons are really using and excited to get from their library. And just do what’s right for your library with regards to cataloging it.’” -Beth Paul, 2016

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